Here are some frequently asked questions about NPC’s. To view the NPC Character profiles, please check out this page.

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  • What is an NPC?
    • NPC stands for Non Player Character. This type of member is not like a regular survivor. Their role on the page will be to distribute specific information that pertains to the Humanity Scar Universe and Story. These details will help in several ways, including:
      • Adding content for writers to use in their stories
      • Giving important information on constantly changing topics such as the virus, world powers, and the status of other locations in the world
      • World Events will all be written by Non Player Characters
      • Private information to characters conducting missions or story lines may be communicated through an NPC


  • Can I write about an NPC?
    • You may include an NPC in your posts if you are personally communicating with them and have received permission to include them. Please try to refrain from including NPC’s in your story without first notifying them via PM ¬†and getting their consent.


  • Can I become an NPC?
    • Writing as an NPC is a very complicated process. It involves direct communication with Kat and learning a great deal about the structure of the Humanity Scar Universe and the ultimate goals for the story. Only long standing active members who have earned a place of trust and loyalty will be considered for this type of position. However, if you think you qualify, send a message to to learn more.


  • Are all the NPC’s on the message board?
    • Yes, all NPC characters have a profile on the forum so that you can communicate with them directly. You can also view more about them by checking out their profile on the Character Profile page.