Media Submission Agreement

This agreement must be electronically signed and agreed to before any submitted media will be used.


Media Submission Agreement


I agree to the following regulations and permissions as a condition of my media submission:

  1. I understand that I am submitting my media freely and without condition or requirement on the part of, Monique Doucette, or any administration or volunteer staff.
  2. I understand that I am claiming all copyright and creative ownership of anything I submit and I am responsible for any copyright infringement and other legal claims against the media I submit.
  3. I understand that by submitting my files I am giving permission to Monique Doucette and to post my work for any time period they deem acceptable. I can request that it be removed but the final decision is up to Monique Doucette and the administration.
  4. I understand that my media can be combined with other media for any promotional purposes for
  5. I understand that my media will be posted on and may also be posted on,,, and
  6. I understand that all of my media will be credited to me and any others I give credit to at time of submission. I understand that Monique Doucette and will not claim ownership or creative origin of any work I submit. That credit will be to myself and any others I specify at the time of my submission.
  7. I understand that I can add credits to any submitted work at any time in order to keep the proper and legal creative and copyright requirements in tact.
  8. I understand that my work can be removed at any time for any reason without notification.
  9. I understand that this agreement can be updated at any time. I will be given a chance to review and agree to any amended agreements. If I choose not to agree, my submitted work will be removed and deleted from the site.
  10. I understand that I have no right to claim monetary compensation or reward for any media I submit. This includes any sales of merchandise related to the site.
  11. I understand I will receive a copy of this agreement for my records.

I have read and agree to all of these terms.



Electronic Signature  – First and Last Name



Date of Electronic Signature