Incident Report FAQ and Rules

Here you will find information on the Incident Report Writing Prompt System on Humanity Scar. If you do not find the answer to your question here, please contact




  • What is an Incident Report?
    • An incident report is a writing prompt that gives you a brief situation or set of circumstances you can use to help as you post stories for your Survivor character. An Incident Report may also be known as an IR.


  • How do I receive an Incident Report?
    • Incident Reports are only given to members who have posted at least four times in the two weeks prior to the Incident Report mailing date. Each prompt is sent to the active member’s Private Message (PM) inbox twice a month. A schedule of IR mailing dates will be available on the Forum Calendar.


  • Do I have to use the Incident Report?
    • No, you do not have to utilize the report, it is simply a helpful tool being used to prompt writing and give creative ideas to members. There is no penalty for ignoring the Incident Report.


  • Can I save my IR to use later?
    • Sure! If you’d like to simply hold your IR’s to use when needed that is perfectly fine.


  • Can I ask to not receive the IR?
    • All active members will automatically receive an IR. We do not have an option to decline. If you are not interested, simply ignore or delete the message.


  • Someone else is writing about the same type of subject as my IR, what do I do?
    • Due to the nature of the IR system, there may similar topics sent out at different times. Everyone has a different story to tell, so don’t worry if you see a post that resembles yours. Think of it as a challenge to write a completely new and unique situation and resolution. If you ever need help, you can always contact Kat for ideas and information.



Incident Report Rules


  • Incident Reports are sent out twice a month based on user activity. Members must be classified as active to receive this type of prompt. Active is defined as posting at least four times┬áin a two week period.


  • Incident Reports should not be traded or shared. If you do not like the topic or situation you receive, simply ignore it and wait for your next one. If you would like to get a more personalized prompt or story mission, check out our Story/Mission Request Form.


  • Incident Reports can be saved, combined, and used in any way the member sees fit for their writing experience.


  • Incident Reports are written to be as open ended as possible to allow members to customize the scenario to fit their story line. If you ┬áneed additional help with details or information you can always contact Kat.