Here you will find a FAQ and some general information about the new Incentives Program on Humanity Scar.


  • What are Incentives?
    • Incentives is a new reward program for active members of the site. Each month (unless notified of a change), members will be eligible for a variety of rewards for completing certain tasks like writing posts, inviting new members, or coming up with a successful activity idea.


  • Where can I find the Incentives for the month?
    • Each month the incentives will be listed on the “Website Information” section of the board as well as sent out in a newsletter.


  • What if I can’t complete any of them?
    • It is perfectly ok to not participate in the Incentive Program. This is completely voluntary and should be done by those who are willing and able.


  • What are the rewards for Incentives?
    • The rewards will be varied, including items like credits for the Survivor Shop, exclusive profile badges, and even stickers and other merchandise for Humanity Scar.


  • What types of tasks are included in the program?
    • Incentives will include tasks like posting 3 times a week for a month, inviting a new active member who participates in the site for a specified period of time, and contributing articles to the newspaper or Book of Lore.


  • What if I start a task but I have an emergency and can’t finish?
    • It is perfectly ok. It is understandable and there will always be new incentives or opportunity to complete an old incentive if the need arises.


  • Can I submit an idea for an Incentive?
    • Sure! If you have any ideas or comments, please contact