Contest and Reward FAQ

Here is some information about Contests and Rewards

Contest FAQ

  • What are Contests?
    • Contests are competitions and events that members can participate in to earn rewards and prizes. Often contests are combined with Incentives.


  • How do I participate in a Contest?
    • Every Contest or Incentive will have a sign up page with information. Since each one will be different you must read the requirements on that page to figure out if you qualify or not.


  • Can I submit an idea for a Contest?
    • Sure! If you have any suggestions please contact


  • What is the Winners Circle?
    • The Winners Circle is a page where all Contest and Incentive winners will be featured for everyone to see.


Rewards FAQ

  • What are rewards?
    • Rewards can be prizes for winning a contest, completing an incentive or a token of appreciation to active members.


  • What kinds of rewards are there?
    • Rewards can vary from credits used to purchase virtual items in the Survivor Shop, badges for the profile pages, or even merchandise from the site that is sent to members by mail.


  • What if I don’t want to give out my mailing address?
    • If this is the case, you can exchange a mailed reward for something redeemable on the site. However, be assured that all personal information is kept confidential and only used for the purpose of sending out requested and confirmed mail. You will never receive something without confirming that you indeed want to get the package.


  • Can I submit an idea for a Reward?
    • Yes. If you have any ideas, please contact