Character Creation Process

All newly registered members must complete a Character Creation Form and/or RPG Character Creation form in order to gain full access to their respective posting privileges. When your account is approved you will receive an email and a Private Message that details the next steps in the process. If you have questions, simply reply to either message to get help.

In the meantime, you will have access to limited posting capabilities and have access to all sections of the board.


  • What is a Character Creation Form?
    • It is a quick application that allows you to give more details on your Character. This information¬†allows the administration of the site to know a little more about your character. You will receive a copy of all your responses. This data can help you with ideas for your own survivor story and enhance your experience on the site.


  • What is an RPG Character Creation Form?
    • This is a ¬†form that states a few quick facts about your character and solidifies your understanding of the RPG Adventure experience.


  • What is a Class Selection?
    • All members (except Observers) can select one Major and two Sub classes for their characters. They are used in several instances including anything related to the RPG Adventures and the RPG Live Chats. However, a player with no interest in either of these activities can still select their classes and use them as more personality traits for their character while writing.


  • I am having trouble with the form, can I get help?
    • If you do not know what sort of information to put on the form, Kat will gladly help you as soon as she can. Remember, this is a character building exercise and there are no wrong answers.