Adventures Rules and FAQ

Adventures Summary

The RPG Adventures section of the board is a new area that is currently being tested out. In this area RPG Characters and Adventurers will be led through a stand alone structured story by a Story Teller. Each adventure will feature a set of goals that must be achieved or failed at in order to progress the story. At the end of the adventure, the participating characters will receive a set of points based on their performance. These Adventure Points will be added to a running tally and the top three members will be featured on an RPG Leader Board.


Adventures Rules


  • All participants must follow the instructions of the Story Teller at all times.


  • Participants must use their allotted Shop Credits to purchase Adventure Items only. Abuse of credits will result in suspension from the site for up to 7 days.


  • While an Adventure is active, participants should be willing to check the site at least once a day to participate in votes, post their characters portion of the story, and stay caught up with everything that happens. If a character is absent for an entire story without input they may not be allowed to register for the next available Adventure. If you find you cannot post, please contact Kat  or the Story Teller so that they are aware and will not penalize you.


Adventures FAQ

  • How do I join an Adventure?
    • All RPG Characters and Adventurers will be eligible to join an Adventure. At the start of any story there will be a sign up period for all interested members to sign up.


  • Can I join an Adventure late?
    • Unfortunately, once a story is started we cannot add new characters at this time. This may be updated in the future, but since we are in a testing phase, this cannot be confirmed yet.


  • What if I join an Adventure but realize I won’t be able to write for the entire story?
    • We understand that things happen, so all we ask is that you notify Kat or the Story Teller ASAP to your absence so that they can “write you out” of the story. You will receive points for the time you were participating, however you will not receive the points that are received once a story is completed.


  • Can I submit an idea for an Adventure?
    • Sure! If you have an idea or comment, please send them to


  • Can I die during an Adventure?
    • Yes! Since these stories are considered “stand alone” it means that whatever happens to your character within the confines of the story is reset at the start of the next. Therefore, if you are killed or infected, this will only effect the current story being played and not any future Adventures you may choose to participate in. Having the danger of a possible death of a character is all part of the fun!


  • Do I have to pick a Class for my character?
    • Yes, it is very important to pick the Major and two Sub Classes for your character. Not only do they help you in how you play, but they will also add benefits, rewards, and danger to the situations you encounter. Please check out our Class Selection Page for more details and to fill out the selection form.



  • Can I change my class?
    • Yes, please see the Class list page for more information on changing your Class Selection.


  • How do I buy my Adventure Items from the store if I am an Adventurer? Won’t my credits be combined?
    • Yes, all credits on one account are combined into a single bank. However, you will notice a one time gift of a specified amount of credits before the beginning of each story to purchase your Adventure type items. If you are unsure about how much you are given, you can consult the Adventure Introduction post for the current story or contact the Story Teller and/or Kat.


  • I got a PM about the adventure. What does this mean?
    • Often you will be given information through a PM that concerns only your character. This information is meant to be used as you write to help with situations where you may be alone, in combat, or in need of some other extra information.