Account Status


This page is here to tell you a little bit about your account if you find that your status has been changed or if the account has been deleted entirely. Remember, if you have any questions, please feel free to message me either in an PM (private message) on the site or in an email to

If you would like to learn more about requesting a change to your account status, check out this article.

Here is a list of possible scenarios and what they may mean to you:


New Survivor:

This status is applied to all newly registered members who have not completed the Character Creation process. You will have limited access to the board and can post in a few select sections. If you have questions about how to get off of this status, please contact




So you’ve logged into the site after an extended absence and you find that your account has been changed to “On Hiatus”. This occurs when your account has been inactive (no log ins or posts) for 45 days or more. Hiatus is not a punishment! It is simply a designation to alert active members that you are not posting and are taking a break from the site. It will also help to keep you from getting bothersome messages from the site that are directed to the more active users. Finally it is a way for members who have been away for a while to get back into the groove of writing without fear of posting something that may be taboo or outside of the scope of the world.

While on hiatus you can still read and post anywhere on the board. However, each of your posts is subject to approval until an administrator can remove you from hiatus. Hiatus will be removed immediately after your first post unless you are in need of a significant update from the administrator. Once you get all the information, your account will be removed from hiatus. You can also request removal from hiatus by sending Kat a message either in a PM or an email. If you require any information, you will get it in response to your message prior to a status change.

Remember, hiatus is not meant to punish anyone, it’s simply a category to keep members organized and up to date. Your account will not be deleted or banned based on a hiatus status.



Pending Character:

If you log in and find that your status has been changed to Pending Character, this means that you have not logged in or posted within 30 days of registering your account. You may also need to complete a Character Creation Form. If you have questions about the reasons for this status, please contact

To be removed from this status, you must contact a Moderator or Kat with your request.




What if you’ve come to the site and your account is deleted? This can only happen for two reasons:

1. You have been banned from the site. If you have caused significant problems and have not adjusted behavior after receiving a warning, you can be banned from the site. When this happens, your account may be deleted and removed and you may also be banned based on your IP address. If you feel this has been done in error, please email to Unfortunately, once an account has been deleted, it cannot be recovered.

2. All accounts that do not have a valid e-mail address will be deleted. Valid emails are required to ensure that all characters are from real people and not automated bots. They are useful in communicating valuable information as well. If you need to change your address, you can do so by entering your profile account settings and updating it there. Remember, once an account is deleted it cannot be recovered. Make sure your information is up to date! Before an account is deleted because of this reason, a PM will be sent to the user to warn them they have 30 days to update their email address before deletion. If this message is ignored or not read in the required time frame the account will be deleted.

Keep checking this page for more Status Updates that might be important to you and your character on!