Site Leaders

Here is a list of members to help you as you navigate the site. Feel free to contact them regarding their particular areas of expertise if you find the need. All of these members have shown dedication and consistency as members and are an excellent resource for everyone! One day you could find your name on this page!




Monique Doucette

Author of the Humanity Scar Book Series and creator of the site.


Lead Admin


Kat Lacey

Lead character in the novels, she is the original member of the message board. She serves as a leader and guide for all members.  She may be contacted for help with stories, information about the world, as well as ideas, comments, and suggestions. She may also contact you with information for exclusive plots lines with never before revealed information!




Alison Price

Kat’s best friend. She runs the site when Kat is not around.


Site Rules and Policy Enforcement:


Enforcer Admin

Handles site disputes and discipline in most cases.


Tech Support:


YB Tech

Creates web content and provides all technical related support





These members monitor and review posts for content, rule violations, and lore agreement. They are fair and impartial and only seek to make sure every post is the best it can be and lines up with the rules and information that is known in the universe. They may be contacted if you have questions about a post or need help navigating the site.


Sandra G.


Founding Members

These characters registered with the site at it’s launch and have stayed active for at least three months. They know the world very well and can be contacted for help with lore, story ideas, general site navigation, and rules and policies.

Founding Members to be posted 1 week after relaunch of Humanity Scar 2.0



(Members in good standing, active for over 90 days, consistent posting and positive presence!)

Elders to be posted 1 week after relaunch of Humanity Scar 2.0


Humanity Scar Sentinel Staff

Contact these members to inquire about having your story posted in an update or being the focus of a special feature. If you would like to know more about becoming a reporter, please read the Sentinel Information page.

Sam – Editor In Chief (Hiatus)

Penny – Acting Editor In Chief

Cassie – Feature Reporter

Frisco – Staff Reporter


Welcome Wagon!

Members who specialize in welcoming new members to the site. Please contact them to learn more about how to post and where to find certain information! They might also leave you a loaf of bread…


Welcome wagon to be posted soon

Site Promotions

Contact these members to learn about good places to promote the site, help with blurbs and other ways to bring more survivors into our community!


Currently looking for active members who would like to help spread the word about and bring more survivors into the fold!

Contact Kat if you are interested!